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Welcome to Rustle of Skirts!
Welcome all to our community! We hope you will find it an inspiring and beautiful place to dream, share, and create. Please be sure to read and abide by the community rules. We are glad to have you here!
7th-Aug-2011 11:20 pm - favorite image in a while
red lady

I just came across this picture the other day (Isolde by Gaston Bussiere) and it seemed very [info]rustleofskirts to me. I love this picture so much, and I tried to find a print, but the only website that had it was charging a ton! Does anyone else have favorite pieces of art that they just can't find prints of? What do you do with them instead? Desktop wallpaper? Print them out and tape them in a journal? Curious minds want to know!
7th-Aug-2011 08:38 pm - my favorite image as of late
stock ♦ cup of love

I just love this image of Florence Welch. She's one of my favorite singers ever. I think she's a perfect rustleofskirts lady. Her hair! The dress! The flower wreath!

What are your favorite Florence + the Machine songs, if you have any? ♥
7th-Aug-2011 08:42 pm - Welcome back, ladies.
Dapper Time!

It's been far too long since I was able to get onto LJ (I suppose everyone was having trouble to some degree?)! 

We have many new members, so to get back into the swing of things around here and as a way for our new friends to introduce themselves, I would like to encourage each and every one of you to post one picture you love that you feel fits [info]rustleofskirts . I hope everyone will participate! I know putting together a whole post can be intimidating, but just one image is easy and I think it will be a lot of fun! I look forward to seeing what inspires you. : ) 

Love, Gwen

3rd-Aug-2011 01:16 am - The Four Seasons | Winter
Blue Dress Walking
 Finally have something to offer you all in what feels like forever. I got my lazy butt around to posting these pictures on my eljay, though I've had them sitting there for almost a month now! 

It was a shoot to the theme of the four seasons, myself as Winter, in my cheap as wedding dress. Follow the fake cut to some wintery goodness (also to some silly stuff too)
26th-May-2011 10:47 pm - WOW!
Dapper Time!
We have officially topped 300 members! What a milestone!

Welcome to all new members, and thank you ALL for being part of this very special place! We look forward to seeing what you have to share!

1st-May-2011 09:43 pm - May's Theme
Dapper Time!


24th-Apr-2011 01:26 am - Happy Easter
Bunny Princess

May you eat chocolate bunnies until they come out your ears. : ) 

22nd-Mar-2011 06:14 pm - Mod Post: Monthly Themes
Dapper Time!
Hi all,

Please note that the monthly themes are just to get the juices flowing, not a hard and fast rule. Feel free to post anything you want so long as it fits the comm rules. We encourage creativity and expression around here!

Also, while I'm at it, welcome to all the new members! ::waves::

Your Mod,

22nd-Mar-2011 04:06 pm - Women in Monochrome
[stock] trees in mist
This post doesn't exactly comply with the monthly theme, but I wanted to share some of my collection of black and white pictures, just because I'm in that sort of mood today.
4th-Mar-2011 08:47 pm - In dreams.
Hello, ladies! I love this beautiful community, and thought I'd share some of the photos I've saved to my computer to look at on dreary days. I apologize for not crediting any (I go right-click happy sometimes), and if you know whose they are and can link me to them, I'll be more than happy to credit them! I'll try to keep to the theme and only post the more dreamlike pictures.

Dreamland.Collapse )
2nd-Mar-2011 01:36 am - March's Theme
Dapper Time!


24th-Feb-2011 04:15 pm - book sharing
stock ♦ cup of love
I bought this book today and it seemed like something you ladies might like, so I thought I'd share a photo of the cover and the book synopsis:

Firebird by R. Garcia y RobertsonCollapse )
1st-Feb-2011 06:22 pm - February's Theme
Dapper Time!

30th-Jan-2011 11:22 am - happy clinks of cups and plates
hello everyone, 
I'm so happy to finally be a part of this community. And while I know this month's theme is illustration....I just had to share my love for 
Faun Fables. I hope you all enjoy. 

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