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rustleofskirts's Journal

Her Hidden Castle in a Forested Land
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A realm of beautiful daydreams.
What is Rustle of Skirts?

A place of beauty. A place to dream. It's feminine and romantic; it's art and music and creativity. It's words and pictures and magic. It's a place to escape and share all that is lovely in your imagination and your world.

What to Post:

This community is a celebration of imagination, beauty, and feminity. Share your dreams and inspirations here, including:
- wishlists and ideas
- personal art and photography
- collages of things/images that inspire your feminine side
Be creative!


1. This is a community celebrating beauty, femininity, romance, art, and inspiration. We welcome personal interpretations of these themes, but disturbing, gory, and negative images or concepts will not be tolerated here.

2. Bashing, spamming, drama, rudeness, snarkiness, and general nastiness will not be tolerated in any way in this community. Mods will remove and ban comments/users at their discretion. General rule: if your comments are not constructive, then do not comment at all.

3. This community, including its posts and members, will be moderated according to the rules. Mods have sole discretion in all matters.

4. Absolutely no sales posts or promotions of any kind--that means no linking to your etsy page, ebay, etc. Your posts will be deleted and you may be banned at the discretion of the moderators.

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